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APPNIFT Presents

Discover The World With Our Useful Apps

Appnift is a Mobile App Development Company that creates cool and useful applications, carefully developed with extreme professionalism. We make sure our applications are continuously enhanced in every way possible to give only the best experience for our users. Our team has a genuine love for creating innovative ideas to put together into amazing apps.

Yes, We Are Creators of Amazing Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are meticulously developed to meet high customer standards.

Bed Panda

This app contains a reliable database to let users choose their perfect temporary abode while on a trip. Bed Panda allows users to choose from multiple listings to meet their needs and expectations. It immediately shows all available bed spaces, full rooms and full houses in a particular area, allowing users to save time and make the most out of their trip. On the other hand, homeowners who wish to earn extra income by renting out their extra spaces can list their ads in Bed Panda for FREE! Homeowners and renters can exchange messages through the advanced booking management system, making it very convenient for both parties.


Locate Genie

There is probably nothing more convenient and amazing than being able to know the exact location of one person without actually communicating with them. This is exactly what Locate Genie is for – allowing users to monitor the location of a particular person through the advanced GPS technology. This app is carefully developed to provide nothing but accurate results. It enables users to keep track of the whereabouts of their family members and even their workers so that they will feel confident and complacent. The primary goal of this app is to keep the users and their families connected anytime and anywhere!



Global Loyalty Deals

One of the advantages of having a credit card is the loyalty programs offered by your most trusted banks. Have you ever experienced having more than one credit card and end up forgetting which bank offer the best deals at a particular place and time? Look no further because Global Loyalty Deals is the best app to let you know which bank offer the best deals in your next credit card purchase! With over hundreds of loyalty cards and thousands of loyalty programs out there, Global Loyalty Deals is surely the most useful app to guide you in using your credit card wisely.


Innovative Concepts

Our team works hand in hand to come up with the most creative and most advanced concepts to provide valuable utility and usability.


Each of the mobile apps is carefully planned and created by our innovative graphic designers and app developers to ensure excellent service and performance.


Every app is programmed to work perfectly on any kind of OS!


Meet the creative and passionate staff behind our brilliant apps!
iOS Developer
Billy Stain
Android Developer
Lisa White
Sam Hartwort


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